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RISE UP Training

What is RISE UP Training? The name speaks for itself. Not only at RISE do we focus on volleyball skills and strategies, but also focus on the whole aspect of the sport. Volleyball is an explosive sport that requires speed, power, and agility skills to elevate your level of skill. Every athlete in our program gets strength and conditioning training as part of their player package.

RISE UP Training will include a variety of exercises that will focus on the following 3:

  • speed (3)


    Essential to closing a block, diving for a ball, or a setter getting to the ball.

  • strong


    Essential to jumping higher, explosive lateral movement, jump serving, jump setting, and hitting the ball.  

  • shoes


    Essential to proper footwork, coordination when moving to the ball, and injury prevention because this requires a lot of lateral movement.

Overall this training is going to improve the athlete’s skill in this sport, but more importantly strength and conditioning is the best way for injury prevention. 

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