Mental Training

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    Why Mental Training?

Every athlete wants to play their best. We spend hours practicing, lifting weights, conditioning and watching videos. Even with all that physical training, there are still barriers that keep an athlete from being at their best. Some of these things might include low confidence, nervousness, too much thinking, self-doubt or fear. These barriers can lead to inconsistency, underperformance, frustration, blame, regret, and ultimately not having fun. Mental training is getting your brain in shape and ready for peak performance. It allows you to clear your mind, control your thoughts so you can think about the things that you actually need to be doing in that moment. 

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    Mental Training At Rise!

Every athlete at RISE will receive mental training. Training sessions happen about every 3 weeks. The athletes will gain a knowledge base of what mental training is and how it can help them perform better. They will be equipped with tools that they can immediately put into practice. Our athletes have reported that this system has helped them be more present, more confident, and more in control of their emotions and responses while on the court. We are committed to mental training because we understand that the tools and knowledge we are giving our ladies reach much farther than just the volleyball court. We are teaching them skills that will serve them for the rest of their life. 

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    Meet Your Coach

Nikki Dieball has her bachelors and master’s degrees in psychology. She has always had a passion to learn and teach the mind/body connection and how it is vital for success. In 2018, she earned her certification as a mental training coach and visualization specialist from Positive Performance™. Her client base includes athletes from junior high through NCAA Division 1. She works with both individuals and teams from sports ranging from basketball, volleyball, golf, and baseball. 

If you are interested in individual mental training or for your school team you can visit

*Discounted rate for RISE athletes that want more in depth individualized attention.