Mission – Values

The mission of RISE Volleyball Club is to provide young women a positive atmosphere to enhance and perfect their volleyball skills, while fostering personal relationships, self-awareness, character and confidence. We will achieve this using a holistic approach of intense skills training, education, strength and conditioning and a comprehensive mental training program. 

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do and encompass four areas we feel are essential in the development of the complete volleyball player:


We teach our athletes to have a deep admiration for their teammates, coaches, officials and ultimately the game that has given us so much. 


We will operate with strong moral principles and the utmost excellence in all we do. We will be honest and open and hold ourselves to the highest standard. 

Servant leadership:

We are at our best when we are serving others. “If we help others reach their goals, then we can’t help but reach our own individual goals”-Zig Ziglar. We strive to be champions for each other in all aspects of life. 


We want to instill strength, power, confidence, and a positive inner belief in our athletes so they can go out and not only greatly contribute to their current teams but to the world around them. 

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